Charleston on a Sunday

For those of you keeping up as of today we are gearing up to head on out to Awendaw Green in Awendaw, SC. We talked about our time in Savannah, GA in our last post and now we get to reminisce about Charleston, SC. We played the Tin Roof July 9th which was a Sunday.

The story really starts in Savannah. We woke up in the house of one of the members from Jeff Two-Names who, by the way, was an amazing host. We all got up, our host brought us coffee then we packed up to see one of the biggest cemeteries we have ever seen. It was Bonaventure Cemetery. We literally spent a couple hours walking around. If you ever find yourself in Savannah we strongly recommend taking the time to venture around. Once we we got our fill of walk among the dead it was time to hit the road.

The ride wasn't too bad at all. Charleston is maybe 2-3 hours at most from Savannah. We arrived fairly early and went to go see Patriots Point. Patriots Point is essentially a WWII museum on a retired battle ship. We found our destination but as luck would have it we realized it was 5:30 pm on a Sunday. Needless to say anything we probably would want to see was going to be closed. Bummer right? So we went on to the venue.

The Tin Roof is known as a destination venue which means there really isn't any foot traffic that would attract people to come in. If there isn't anything going on no one really shows up. This is also true if you don't have any one local on the bill. We could not find a local to save our lives despite our efforts and that of the venue. There wasn't really anyone in the place from the time we got there up to the time we left but not all was lost. Sometimes you gotta roll with the punches. The staff was super friendly and helpful.

We had Andy open up the show with her solo stuff dubbed The Andeeks Roadshow. The people there clapped and enjoyed it but we started to get a little discouraged. When she finished her set we all went outside for a smoke and a bit of a pep talk. Once we got prepared we hit the stage. Big shout out to Todd the sound guy. That guy killed it and made us sound so much better than we actually are and a good sound guy makes a huge difference. As the set went on people started to really enjoy what we were doing. How do we know this? We made a dead room move. They were dancing! It was a really good, humbling feeling. If for nothing else this show was really enjoyable because of the response. They kept asking for one more song. Since Kale hasn't been playing with us for more than a few weeks we ran out of songs we all could do together!

After we got done playing and chit chatting with the people who were left we packed up, collected our pay and was on our way. We drove 3 hours that night straight to Clover, SC where we stayed with family for the last couple days. We did end up busking in Charlotte, NC for a couple hours the other night. So for your information if you plan to busk uptown (which is their downtown) you are able to busk in the public spaces as long as you aren't blocking the flow of the walking traffic. Private property is recognized by the grey bricks while public space is the red brick. If you head up there you'll see what we're talking about.

Now it's time to get off this thing and start heading to Awendaw Green! Hope to you all out on the road!

Swamp Rats