And Then There Was Awendaw

On the 12th we landed ourselves in Awendaw Green located in Awendaw, SC which is roughly 15-20 minutes outside of Charleston, SC. This was to be our first time playing Awendaw Green. From what we were told this is a weekly thing held every Wed. There was a barn like building where they have the stage set up. Several lawn chair were put out in front of the stage in rows and they had several canopy tents set up for vendors to hawk their wares or sell food.

We were the first band to arrive and we were blown away by the sure size of the place. There were brass insturments hanging from tree limbs throughout the entire place. The general feel was what it would've been like decades ago where the whole town comes out to have fun or get together. We took a few pictures which were posted on our Instagram account.

Several acts were to play that night. They came from all over and each one was as good as the last. The line up was incredible. Everyone was super friendly as well. We were sitting kind of off to the side of the stage when a lady from New Jersey came and sat next to us. She made a point to tell us it was her first time and how excited she was to experience this weekly affair. We also informed her that this was our first time being there as well. We made small talk for a couple more minutes then she thanked us for the company and went to find the group she came with.

One of the bands to play was called Chelsea Lovett and the Boys. Well, the Boys quickly learned we were from Florida and went to tell us they were from St. Augustine. We tossed a few names around and discovered they were good friends and even room mates with some of the people we knew. They even had another band called the West King String Band. We heard a great deal about these guys from our friends in St. Augustine but it wasn't until we were in SC that we met them. It's moments like those that show you just how small the world is.

We were third to play that night and the crowd grew tremendously. Some of you might have even caught the live stream they did of the night. When our set was finished that same lady we spoke to before hand came up and she stated she wasn't aware we were one of the bands playing. "You tricked me!" she said playfully. She ended up buying a CD and kept telling us how much she enjoyed the set.

The guy who sets the whole thing up is named Eddy. Believe it or not he's the town dentist who is a hug music lover. He offered up his swamp cabin for us to stay the night. I could go on and on about how amazing this place was so instead we took some pictures. We felt like a kid in a candy store. The 13th we were off to Willow Springs, NC to play the Panther Lake House but we'll have to catch you up on that later. For now enjoy the pictures and we'll see you out on the road!

Swamp Rats