Discovering A Gem in Panther Lake

When we last updated this blog we spoke about Awendaw Green. After we parted ways we headed out for Willow Springs, NC to play the Panther Lake House. We knew it was going to be a house show but we were pleasantly surprised when we arrived July 13th.

The Panther Lake House is essentially a recreational area on a lake where you can take out canoes, paddle boards or other various vessels. A guy named Sammy lives, owns and operates this place. He had mentioned that he inherited it from family and that the place as been in his family for about three generations now. He has plans to establish a destination for touring bands to play and stay while getting a little relaxation and fun.

A folk punk duo by the name of The Constellations set this up for us. There wasn't a lot of people being a week day but we had heard from a couple other people that on a weekend they easily get about a hundred in attendance. We managed to sell some merch before we had even hit the stage which was a good sign for us. It told us the people who go to these events appreciate what we do and want to support us with out ever hearing our music. Fireworks were lit, a few beer were drank, food was made and we ended up taking a midnight boat ride. Though we don't have much to say about this show it was a rather grand experience.

Sometimes you have to take a chance for you to see how much people appreciate the fact that you are trying to live your dream. They all treated us like we were some kind of famous which threw us for a bit of a loop but the hospitality was appreciated none the less. Big thank you to Sammy and The Constellations as well as all the people who came, danced, tipped us, bought our stuff and most of all fed us.

After we woke the next day we were off to Wilmington, NC to play the Juggling Gypsy. That night was pretty laid back and easy. It was the fact that we had to leave there around twelve at night after the show in order to drive straight through the night to be in Knoxville, TN by 10:30 AM. But that, my friends, is a story for another day.