Swamp Rats is a Florida based folk/bluegrass band. Founded in 2012 by Scotty Crow and Robert Stack the band now continues on mainly as a duo with Scotty along with Andy Starkey. Wes Cooper has been known to jump on and join in from time to time to play what we like to call the "Wes Side" of Swamp Rats.

Our music is best described as "I don't know". While many have described the band as bluegrass it seems unfair to put us in just one genre but we will leave it to you to decide. Swamp Rats take influences from many sources some being a wide variety of music including punk, folk and traditional music. Most of our songs take life experiences and social issues and put them in a fast paced, acoustic soundtrack.

Swamp Rats has put out an array of EPs, a couple splits and have toured most of the U.S. We have also played a few festivals including Muddy Roots Music Festival and Yellow Ribbon Riot.

Swamp Rats is:
Scotty Crow - acoustic guitar/stomp box/washboard/vocals
Andy Starkey - banjo/mandolin/vocals
Kale Rushing - bass/guitar

Former members include:
Robert Stack - guitar/vocals
Landan Humphrey - electric bass/vocals
Paul Noon - upright bass
Wes Cooper - lead guitar/vocals