It Was Easier Last Year

Hey there friends!

Here we are about 3 1/2 weeks from our tour starting and we are getting things in order to leave. We still have many open dates left and seems like it was easier this time last year to book. Last year we booked our first tour outside the state of Florida and our trip lasted roughly 2 months. We went as far north as Minnesota and Wisconsin and as far west as Colorado. We met several great people people on the road and many we still keep in touch with.

This year, however, seems to be a bit harder booking 25 solid dates out of 31 than is was booking almost 40 between two months. I've heard the same from a few of our traveling friends as well. At any rate we are still moving forward and will hopefully pick up a couple dates while on the road. We have managed to make enough dough to make some new merch for tour which we are really excited about and hope you guys like what we have coming.

As we get closer to July 1st we will be posting more of what we are doing in order to prepare for tour as well as some tip and tricks to help other DIY artists along in their endeavors and for our fans and followers to keep tabs on us through what we believe is one of the most exciting and frustrating parts if being a serious musician. We hope you check in on us from time to time and give us your thoughts on ours. We have a lot to do with the next few weeks and figured I write up a little something to give you all an update. Until next time friends!


Tour Update

Alrighty! So here are our confirmed tour dates in which we are extremely excited for! I have also listed dates we are looking to get set in stone as well. I any one of you awesome people think you may be able to give us a hand somewhere along the line please don't hesitate to shoot us an email or message us on our Facebook page!

Jul 01 - Howl - Fort Myers, FL
Jul 02 - Whiskey Park - Naples, FL
Jul 03 - Hub Bar - Tampa, FL

Jul 04 - OPEN
Jul 05 - Planet Sarbez - St Augustine, FL
Jul 06 - Tir Na Nog Irish Pub - Daytona Beach, FL 

Jul 07 - OPEN (have a hold in Jacksonville, need 1 more local)
Jul 08 - The Jinx - Savannah, GA
Jul 09 - Tin Roof  - Charleston, SC

Jul 10 - OPEN
Jul 11 - OPEN
Jul 12 - Awendaw Green - Awendaw, SC 

Jul 13 - OPEN
Jul 14 - the Juggling Gypsy - Wilmington, NC
Jul 15 - WDVX Blue Plate Special - Knoxville, TN
Jul 15 - Crafty Bastard Brewery - Knoxville, TN
Jul 16 - Mag Bar - Louisville, KY 

Jul 17 - OPEN
Jul 18 - The Listing Loon - Cincinnati, OH
Jul 19 - The Phoenix Cafe - Hazel Park, MI

Jul 20 - OPEN (OH, WV or PA)
Jul 21 - OPEN (PA or MD)
Jul 22 - 1812 Tavern - St Michaels, MD

Jul 23 - OPEN
Jul 24 - OPEN
Jul 25 - OPEN
Jul 26 - OPEN
Jul 27 - OPEN
Jul 28 - OPEN
Jul 29 - OPEN
Jul 30 - OPEN
Jul 31 - OPEN

In Other News

Hello there!

So here's the skinny. We just revamped our makeshift website. You can now see what we are doing through our various links and pages within this magically internet portal! We are planning on keep up with the site by putting new content up on here and writing about our travels and adventures. Aside from the website we are currently working on finalizing our tour schedule. Our confirmed dates are visible via the tour tab above. If you wish to inquire about booking us then head to the contact tab! Just so you know we'll play just about anywhere! Further we have also added tabs that will take you to our online store and our bandcamp for those who want to throw your money at us.

For now we are gearing us to head to Winter Park this Friday then St. Augustine on Saturday. Keep an eye out for updates, blogs and news in the near future!