Next Stop, Savannah

Like I had mentioned in our last post we are in Clover, SC. We had just finished up our adventures in St. Augustine and were about to head north out of Florida. Our next stop? It was The Jinx in Savannah, GA.

Before we left Howl in Ft. Myers were tasked by the owner Andy Howl to deliver a stack of stickers to his friends tattoo shop located in Savannah. We started out of Florida with this in mind. We were more than happy to oblige since Andy Howl has been not only good to us but has been almost like a knight in shining black armor to our local music scene. The first stop of our GA adventure was to find Anonymous Tattoo. A simple task. This was to be our first time in Savannah. We discovered in St. Augustine that parking is not the easiest thing to find for cheap. Once we got in to Savannah this was again a burden we needed to rectify for at least most of the day. We found the tattoo shop we were looking for then we found a parking garage that was relatively easy on the wallet. We parked and headed towards the shop. It was maybe a block or two away. We went in and dropped the stickers off. Talked about our show that night for a moment and left. It was that easy people. Were you waiting for some kind of climactic bump in road? Not this time.

Once we left the tattoo shop we headed out to see Savannah and find some food. Savannah is another one of those historically rich cities where you find all kinds of interesting things. We saw a lot just wondering around and the more we wondered the more we discovered some hidden history. For instance we learned about and visited some of the more notably haunted location the city has to offer. Did you know people in history were also assholes? There's a park square where an Indian Chief (if memory serves me) was buried but his grave was desecrated by a monument that was erected for a local businessman. We visited a couple cemeteries as well and River Street as well. Found the exact park square where Forrest Gump was filmed as well as talked to a couple of buskers.

Side note: if you wish to busk in Savannah you must obtain a permit. It's free but, from what we have been told, you can only get it on Wednesdays.

While walking around we stumbled on the Jinx, the venue we were scheduled to play that night. Got the skinny from the door man. Before we went back to parking garage to fetch the van we stopped and grabbed an adult slushy from Wet Willy's. Be careful folks, those things are dangerously delicious! For the record you are allowed to walk the streets with an open container as long as its in a plastic container. At least that is what we were told.

After a long day of site seeing we grabbed the van and parked it out front of the Jinx. Once there we met the guy running the place, he goes by the name of Gil. By the way, that dude knows how to run a show and make it run smoothly. We met the other two bands playing that night as well. It was quite the mix of sounds. You had us, Jeff Two-Names and the Born Again (dad pop punk) and In for a Penny (celtic punk/rock). We were incredibly excited to hear both and both were as excellent as their names. We ended up crashing at the house of one of the members of Jeff Two-Names that night who was an amazingly generous host despite the fact the we all had a feeling that he was going to kill us in our sleep!

The crowd was responsive and engaging which is always a good feeling. Our only complaint was the sound guy but we get it. Our set up isn't the easiest to work especially if you're more use to mixing punk. Either way we are defiantly going to try to book there in the future. After a good nights rest and some coffee we did a little more looking around then it was off to Charleston, SC.