End the Year with a Bang

It's been a while since we posted last but a lot has happened and we had several hard obstacles to over come. Although nothing is perfect we are on our way to where we need and want to be for the time being. We are working on getting some things together including our full length album along with updating our online store. For now we wanted to share some thoughts and a few shows we have coming up.

Through the last few months our character as a band and as people has been tried. We have been knocked down to the point that we almost threw our hands in the air and gave up. Seeking a dream that is considered mundane, childish or ridiculous to others can be and is rather difficult. As we continue to pour time and money into our passion we are met with criticism and sometimes shock that we would much rather play music as our profession. Don't get us wrong. Every member of the band is a hard working, blue collar type. We serve your food, repair your roofs, mix your drinks, paint your houses and, above all, contribute. We, just like many other underground career musicians, hold other jobs and very much consider our music our job as well. We work long hours and hustle as much paying time as we can. Just like everyone else we too have been met with adversity and trials. Life isn't always as forgiving nor does it always take your plans into account. But that's okay. Music is what makes us happy. We make each other happy and if we didn't have anyone else to lean on we at least have each other. I guess, in a sense, the point we would like to get across is the fact that no matter how far you fall you can always lift yourself up and continue on. It may be a different road but as long as you keep a level head and your chin up everything will turn out alright.

With that we have a few things lined up for December as well as next year. We will be in Tampa on the 22nd and are going to be making our way back to Rack'em Billiards on the 23rd. For those of you who didn't know Andy, our banjo player, has been invited to co-headline a show with her solo stuff (The Andeeks Roadshow) on December 19th at Churchill's Pub in Miami. As of now those are all the shows we have for the rest of the year. May 4th and 5th of next year we will be playing Moonrunners Music Festival in Chicago and are currently booking a tour around that. You can buy pre-sale tickets at Www.moonrunnersmusicfestival.com. Go grab those tickets before they release the rest of the lineup and get them for a good price. Until next time!