Taken by the Storm

It has been a rough couple weeks for us here at the Rats Nest. To be honest the Rats Nest is pretty much where ever we are and up till a week or so ago we were living in Everglades City. As many of you know Hurricane Irma went right through Everglades City. We resided in a ground floor apartment. Roughly five feet of water decided to let its self in along with about a half inch of mud all through out the apartment. Needless to say we lost a majority of what little possessions we had as well as our living arrangements. We did manage to make sure the instruments we use on the regular were safe along with a few other select musical equipment. No one was hurt and we are currently in Sebring, FL trying to rebuild whats left of our modest life. Below is a drive through of Everglades City we took a few days ago. We, of course, weren't the only ones affected. Thousands of people lost their homes or businesses and are having to rebuild from the ground up. It truly has been a rough week for Floridians and we feel deeply especially for the low income working class who took the hit harder than the high class citizens of Downtown Naples. Things will get better and some day soon we'll all catch the break we've been working for.