Tour Kick Off Recap

July 1st and 2nd were the first two dates of tour and were at two of our favorite local haunts. We hear you shouldn't include your home town as a part of your tour before you leave. We figured why not have a couple kick off parties instead of a home coming.

July 1st was at Howl in Ft. Myers. By far one of our favorite places to hit. For those who don't know the venue it's a tattoo shop with an awesome stage and sound system with some of the best people to grace any venue we have run into so far. Yes, we're a little bias! We had quite the line up for this first show. Clem of Clem McGillicutty and the Burnouts joined up for a solo set, Gutterlove came to shower us with his sad tunes, Branden Sensor of the Hoffman Rd Show played a set, Skyler Enrico graced us with his amazing pop styling and our favorite local act The Good Bad Kids kicked some ass both nights! The entire show was live streamed. Below is the link for those who missed it.

Whiskey Park in Naples went down on July 2nd. Clem opened up the night and ended up hitting on some cougars while heckling us from the background. That man shouldn't be allowed to go any where without supervision! Friends and family came out who we haven't seen in a while came to hang out. We ended up getting a jar of strawberry moonshine from a guy who called himself Toast. Ask us about it some time for a more detailed story on that one!

Today we are headed to Tampa to play the Hub. We haven't played this play before but we are very excited to give it a go! Heard we have a couple other acts joining us on the bill. We'll fill you on how it goes a little later.

The roads calling and as much as I'd like to tell you all more about the fine details of the more fun parts of the last couple days we do have some things to do before we leave town for the next month. Stay tuned and see you on the road!


Swamp Rats Kick Off Party