Before We Finish We Begin Again

We realize we have yet to finish our synopsis of tour but we needed to announce that we are planning on hitting the road again set for the last two weeks of August! We have already begun sending out emails and bugging our friends along with select strangers whom we've met at least once. Just so you know. Any way we will be releasing dates once we have them as complied as possible.

Stay Tuned! We still have more stories from the road to knock out before we make some more!

Be Grateful

Alright, so after we left Louisville we were on our way to Cincinnati to play this little house show. It was quaint and intimate. The dude who set it up, Brenton, is a super nice guy and helped us with this date on a whim. Even though there really wasn't too much of a crowd we consider it a successful evening. We managed to still make a little money with a couple added perks and a guaranteed place to sleep for the night. A few people heard us who might not have otherwise.

These kinds of shows can be hit or miss in the most extreme ways. Either there is hardly a soul or its jammed packed with people. We take care to treat house shows with the same views as any other show. We take it with a grain of salt. If you've been on tour or even just traveled on the drop of a hat you know that any little thing can and most likely will go wrong. We tend to cherish the little things that random people do for us because they want to. It's as if you go into it with a mutual understanding. We know we don't have much of a crowd in Cincinnati, OH far from our home in Sebring, FL. Likewise for the people who help us out and offer up their home as a venue for us. They, too, know we don't have a draw in their area. But they do what they can to help and every little step they take to help make the experience better is always super appreciated. Because of Brenton's efforts we will make it more of a point to try to go through his area due to his help in getting us in front of a few people who happened to enjoy themselves while attending this little get together.

Look, you can be the world's best musical act and still never have a following in some part of the world. I know that is a pretty broad statement to make but we, as I'm sure plenty of our traveling friends would agree, have seen and met some inexplicably ungrateful people in this line of work. I guess what it boils down to is to just be grateful and considerate for what you have and work hard at what you love. Stop complaining about things that aren't in your control and utilize your strengths.

Anyway, we met some really cool people in Cincinnati and hope to return there again! The next stop is Chicago for the weekend along with our anchor date at Moonrunner's Music Festival! New blog about our time in the Windy City will be coming your way soon!

P.S. Sorry for the lack of imagery. We didn't take too many picture while we were there but we did get a pretty cool panorama view of the city from a local park! You can find that on our Facebook page!

From Nashville to Louisville

From the time we left Alabama we've had simply an amazing, crazy time at every place we stopped.

So, to clue you guys in on where we left off  we were headed to Nashville to play Acme Feed & Seed. Now, we didn't do much research on where the venue was and it turns out it is right off the main drag. The place was busy as hell. We did ourselves a quick set up, sound check and played about an hr. Playing in Nashville right off the main strip where so many people hear so much different music is rather daunting but we pushed through it and we had a pretty decent response.

When we travel we meet so many different and interesting people. Some places we don't really get the chance to talk to any one or explore too much before we have to take off to the next town. Which isn't the ideal situation but we hope we catch up on things we missed in the future and hope to do just that when we make it make through Nashville, however, we always tend to leave Louisville with a story or two. That;s where we were headed. We were to meet up with our buds in Man With A Gun Productions and Record Company in conjunction with The New Blood Tubs GC. A great group of rowdy and interesting people. The shows haven't been very big but the company the shows bring are always the best.

Louisville is home to some of the best musicians and people we know. You got 40RTY, Allen Curtis and the dudes from Call Me Bronco along with on of our favorite dive bars called Mag Bar. We sat on 40RTY's porch and caught up with him, his awesome wife and Allen before the show. 40RTY had to get up early for work the next day and wasn't planning on staying for our set which, of course, was understandable. He presented us a 12 pack of PBR with as a preemptive apology for not being able to stay for our set. "Reserved for Swamp Rats" was written in Sharpie in both English and Spanish! (A pic of that can be found on our Instagram) We have more stories about our Louisville adventures and the people there but maybe we will share them another time. Big thank you to all of you! You know who you are!

For us, this bar, these people and this city will always be a staple in our routing at least as much as possible. Lets face it. Kentucky and banjos go together like Florida and day drinking. Not sure how it works but it does! It's never a dull moment in Kentucky which we touch on again about a week after this show when we play in Princeton, KY. But that's another story for another blog. Our next stop on the agenda is Cincinnati. Even though this tour has come to an end it doesn't mean the stories will be left by the way side! 

Pics taken by The Chad - Thanks dude!

Finding Gems

 We are officially on the road! We ran through St. Augustine and Naples before we left for our long ride to Atlanta. We played Darwin's Burgers and Blues on Sunday. Neat little place if you get the chance. We learned that our friends, Tail Light Rebellion, was playing a show in ATL too so after our show was all said and done we ventured over to a cool little creative space called the Bakery were their show was already in progress. We hung out and watched the rest of the show. I'll tell ya, it's always great finding gems like these.
 We bid adue to the ATL that night and started over to Alabama to catch up with a dear friend of ours. Keith is in an awesome dude who plays for an equally awesome metal band call Devil's Got A Hold of Me our of Guntersville, AL. Look 'em up. He took us around his home town to see it's natural wonders. You know? The kinds of things only locals know about. Straight up, it was crazy beautiful! 
We'll make it back to area May 11th at Maggie Meyers Irish Pub. So for now we head to our next destination on our musically adventure. Tonight is Acme Feed & Seed in Nashville, TN! We have a rather early show starting at 7pm and playing no more than an hour. So come enjoy a dinner and show with us right off the strip! See you down the road!

Here We Go!

All right! Today we embark on our two week long adventure of music! Tonight we'll be at Sarbez in St. Augustine. By far one of our favorite places to play. If you haven't had any of their grilled cheeses then I feel bad for you. Go get one.

Aside from that we'll be in Naples tomorrow evening at Riptide Brewing Company to play their annual Exodus party then off to Sandy Springs, GA to perform at Darwin's Burgers and Blues on Sunday. Going to be a full weekend!

Oh, and we have one more thing! We did a video and we'd like to share it with you!

See you on the road!

8 Days till Tour!

In 8 days we're leaving for tour! This is going to be a little 2 week long tour taking us up to Chicago for the Moonrunners Music festival. We've done some new things to help promote and we also have some new some we will be trying out too! Reaper Film Productions has been helping us out with getting a decent video out which will be out before we leave for our journey on the 27th. As the date approaches we will be letting you guys now what we've done to set this up and how we're preparing. On top of that we will attempting some new things to involve our online audiences no matter where we are in the U.S. 

All we're saying is keep coming back to see what we're doing! See you on the road!  

The Road Beckons!

The dates are booked. The posters are out. And our first day of tour approaches! This year we are embarking on a three week journey up to Chicago, IL and back with the Moonrunners Music Festival as our staple. To say we're excited is simply an understatement! As the 27th draws ever nearer we will be posting more keeping all you awesome people up to date with what we're doing, how this year's tour compares to the last two years' tours. The things we did differently, what we might of kept the same as well as some things we're currently working on. Be sure to check out our tour dates to see where we'll be and when. We hope to see you out on the road soon!